So just who is the “Curious American?”

Skylar Baker-Jordan is not a Man Booker Prize-winning author.  He does not live in Sloane Square.  He is not happily married to  an adoring husband.  He does not own a precious English bulldog called Sebastian.  He is not philanthropic and does not enjoy cycling and cross-country runs.

Skylar Baker-Jordan is a freelance writer, speaker, and commentator.  He has spoken at Catholic churches and local colleges about LGBT rights, and has been published at The Advocate, Salon,  The Gay UK Magazine, and elsewhere. He lives in Chicago with his two cats, Erica Kane and Kitty Brucknell.  He is single and finds dating annoying and exhausting.  He doesn’t know where his money goes. And he thinks exercise is of the devil.

His love affair with Britain began at an early age, and he grew up on a steady diet of “EastEnders,” “Big Brother,” and “As Time Goes By.” He writes about politics, media and culture. Skylar is a former columnist and features writer for Rise Over Run Magazine

Skylar holds a BA in history from Western Kentucky University, with an undergraduate thesis on the role Section 28 played in the modern gay rights movement.


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